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The RedLine Story

The RedLine Story

RedLine Recreational Toys makes family fun convenient, easy and cost effective. With RedLine you get all of the thrill, with none of the hassle.

Dustin Weniger (fishing) and Joe Holbrook (wake surfing) talked about a way they and their families could enjoy the fun and build the memories that recreational toys can provide. Several factors prevented the two innovators from purchasing multiple toys, including lack of storage space, cash constraints and the hassle of continuous maintenance, licensing and insurance that high-performance equipment requires.  And they quickly realized they weren’t alone — many families in the Boise area had the same goals and challenges.

Although the economy and business climate in 2008 weren’t ideal for starting a new business, Dustin and Joe were determined and they set off to make RedLine Recreational Toys a reality.

Members of RedLine no longer have to worry about these hassles.

RedLine provides families with an affordable and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors.